This page is a memorial to Lodge members who have passed on to the Grand Lodge above



Bro. Jim Campbell

Bro Peter Phillips

Bro Frank Wyllie

Bro. Robert McNeil

Bro. William Darrah

Bro. Edward Laing

Bro.Robert Allan

Bro. Frank Dixon

Bro. Joe McCabe

Bro.William Bellar

Bro. Bob McDermid

Bro. Jack Moncrieff

Bro. Jim Knox

Bro.Stewart McIllravey

Bro. Angus Law

Bro Charles Sidney Petch

Bro. Ian Agnew

Bro Thomas English

Bro.William Barnes

Bro.George Bryden

Bro.Moffat Templeton

Bro. Andrew Gray

 Bro.William Milligan

Bro.Hugh McFadden

Past Master Bro. Thomas Freeburn


Bro.David McIntosh


Past Master Bro. William Hogg

Bro.Donnie Steele

Bro.George Steele

Bro.Duncan McIlravey

Bro.Harry McLucas

Bro.Maxwell Young

Bro.Archie Wilson

Bro.Adam Jackson

Bro.Jim Mc Neil


Past Master. Bro Frank Duncan

Bro .William McKinnon

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(any photographs of deceased brethren submitted will be published alongside their name so they will be forever remembered – LDK 68 Webmaster.)